Sprint Course Distance
600 Yards
11 Miles
3.1 Miles
Sprint Course Maps
*see below

Mini Sprint Course Distance

(Relay Sprint is just two participants doing two Mini Sprints)

300 Yards
5.5 Miles
1.55 Miles
Kids Triathlon Course Distance
100 Yards
1 Mile
.44 Mile
Kids Triathlon Course Maps
*see below


Sprint Course - Total Distance Swim 600 Yards, Bike 11 Miles, Run 3.1 Miles

Swim 300 Yards - S Curve Swim in Layton Surf N Swim. One swimmer will enter the pool at a time in order of fastest to slowest swimmers.

Bike 5.5 Miles - This Bike Course is a looped course around a residential area in Layton, Utah. Expect views of mostly homes and residential streets.

Run 1.55 Miles - The Run Course is a great loop in Layton City Commons Park. Most of the run follows under a canopy of trees and follows a river.

This course is repeated so once you complete it you will jump back into the water for another round of the same thing. It is great to do during early August with the heat.

Mini Sprint Course - Distance Swim 300 Yards, Bike 5.5 Miles, Run 1.55 Miles

The Mini Sprint Course is the same course as the Full Sprint however it is only one time doing the course. (See write up above for course description. )

Relay Sprint Course - 2 Participants each doing a Mini Sprint

Basically this course is two participants each doing one Mini Sprint and then combining their times.

Kids Triathlon (12 & under) - Distance Swim 100 Yards, BIke 1 Mile, Run .44 Miles

The Kids Triathlon course is very kid friendly. This race has four age divisions for 2014. Ages (11-12), (9-10), (7-8) (6 and under) which hit the water in this order. Fastest to Slowest Swimmers. Parents are even allowed to race with their children, however if they do they must start after those that race solo. Floatation devices are allowed for the Kids as well. Parents are encouraged in the transition area to help give direction to kids.

Swim 100 Yards - Four Lengths of the Pool

Bike 1 Mile - This course is an easy out and back course down Wasatch St.

Run .44 Mile - This course does a loop around commons park. This loop is viewable from anywhere near the transititon area and finish line.


Aid Stations

Aid stations are available at Run Out which serves the Run Course as well as Swim In for the Sprint Course. Aid station will have water, Hammer - Heed Electrolyte, Gels.

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